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    When should we expect you?

Accessible Guest Room Features

Two (2) peepholes on each door, one located 48" above the floor, for our travelers who may use a wheelchair.

Door locks on guestroom doors that are no higher than 48" above the floor.

Electronic door locks and door handles that can be operated with a closed fist.

Guestroom and guest bathroom doors that are a minimum of 36" wide.

Closets with lowered clothes bar located at 48" above the floor plus removable hangers.

Switches that are located 42" above the finished floor.

Heavy-duty 8" metal bed frames with heights not greater than 23" from the floor.

Desks with a minimum of 27" clearance space.

Remote equipped televisions with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Drapery wands with a ring attachment measuring 4" in diameter mounted on the lower end of the baton.

17"-19" high toilets with grab bars located on the wall adjacent to and behind the toilet.

A roll in shower with a bench

Covered piping underneath all sinks.

Sink controls that can be easily operated with a closed fist.

Conveniently positioned accessible mirrors to offer our guests the maximum in viewing.

5' diameter turning radius.

Towel bars and shelf mounted 40" above the finished floor.

Robe hooks mounted 48" above the finished floor.


A $10.00 Amenity Fee will be applied to each room per night.  Resort Fee(s) may be settled with cash, credit or mycash at the time of checkout.  If settled with mycash applicable tax will be payable by cash or credit.